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We would like to pitch you an idea in 10 seconds.

27 July 2017

Watch the film below and you’ll see 10 seconds of HD, beautifully shot, on-brand and on-message content. Now spend some time on Snapchat looking at what influencers and brands are pushing 


Behind the Scenes in July

19 July 2017

A few behind the scenes photos from some of our shoots over the last couple of weeks. We have been busy on live events, music videos, corporate and promotional films 


Craig’s Top Ten Films

13 July 2017

After reading Empires 100 Greatest Movies feature, we asked our Creative Director Craig to pick his top ten from the list: Clockwork Orange Taxi Driver Trainspotting Usual Suspects Shawshank Redemption Pulp Fiction Saving Private Ryan Wonderful Life American Beauty Toy 


How is Wimbledon filmed?

07 July 2017

We love watching Wimbledon on the telly, but have you ever wandered how its done? Centre court has a whopping 20 cameras, including rail cameras, steadicams, robotic cameras and a mixture 

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