Sustainability - Summer Isle Films


Sustainability: relationships and the environment

At Summer Isle Films, we believe in the importance of creating sustainability in our working relationships and supporting the environment. Here are a few ways in which we aspire to help and, by doing so, learn.

Supporting charities and communities: Although we work with a wide range of clients from all round the country and further afield, it is important to us that we get involved in our local community. Over the years, we have helped many charities and individuals with events from fundraising initiatives to self-funded film activities.

Helping young people to work: Our film and television industry is reliant on new talent, which is why it is important for film production companies to embrace opportunities to offer work experience and apprenticeship roles. Through our commitment to supporting new, local talent, we are pleased to say that one of our recent placements, Alex, is currently excelling in his studies at university, after initially beginning his work experience employment with us.
As well as offering work place opportunities where we can, we endeavour to have a presence at careers fairs and educational lectures to promote the industry as one accessible to anyone who is interested in pursuing a profession in film production.

Our impact on the environment: We are keen to be green in all areas of the business and have been focusing on streamlining the process of our distribution and workflow. For example: digitally sharing drafts and work in process cuts and reducing fuel use by avoiding unnecessary travel and shipping/packaging waste. We are encouraging the use of online to distribute promotional materials and electronic press kits (EPKs). We look to reduce media packaging and source DVD cases made from renewable materials. We take opportunities to promote the environmental achievements of production. We fully power down the edit room and studio, including all computers and monitors, at the end of each working day.

Pay on time initiative: We believe that keeping a positive relationship with our suppliers is key to a successful end-product. In our industry, suppliers often work to tight deadlines and the intricate needs of clients. By paying on time, we build a level of trust and respect resulting in a good, long-term working relationship and keeping suppliers keen to continue working with us.