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Animation can achieve the unlikely and the impossible

At Summer Isle Films, we can place your product or idea anywhere in and beyond the imagination. With our creative and effective use of animation, the possibilities for your brand, really are endless.

Animation is a marketing tool that is becoming increasingly popular. It can engage your target audience in a way that sometimes, live action videos can’t. Although the scope of what can be created with live action video is becoming broader all the time, it can’t always do some of the things that animation can.
Using animation in your marketing can give you content that would either be impossible or financially unrealistic otherwise. For example, if you wanted your product to be shown being used in outer-space, it is unlikely you have the budget to make this a realistic possibility. However, animation can exceed all requirements by achieving not only the unlikely, but also, the impossible.

In its early days, animation was often seen as something for young consumers and was often dismissed as a medium used to bring to life inanimate objects, often accompanied by irritatingly memorable jingles and aimed primarily at children. Now the use of animation is mainstream and widely accepted as being pertinent to consumers of all ages. The huge success of adult animated television shows such as Family Guy and Rick and Morty, are proof of this shift in demographic.

Animation can grab a customer’s attention in an engaging way and an engaged audience is much more likely to listen to and understand what you are offering them. Engaged and entertained audiences become loyal customers.
The use of animation goes beyond just selling and entertainment, it is also very effective at educating. If you have a complex concept that needs to be communicated in a succinct manner, then animation can very efficiently do this. A clear visual demonstration or explanation of an idea can often be more clearly understood than words on their own.

Animation can:

• Sell
• Inform and educate
• Entertain
• Place your product or idea anywhere in and beyond the imagination

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