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Single-use plastics on set – Vlog 1

11 May 2018

So we documented our single-use plastic on a two day shoot last week, crew of 4. Not a good start, but shows what we are using normally so we can 


Throw your GoPro

04 May 2018

We have been trying our AER’s design for housing GoPro’s so you can throw your GoPro. What’s the point? There isn’t one, except for it’s fun and you do get 


ITFC – A Poem

01 May 2018

Broadcast voice and producer James Tzanoudakis approached us with a poem he had written about the history and heritage of Ipswich Town Football Club.The club were keen to make the 


Single-use plastics on set

20 April 2018

This year we’re attempting to reduce our single-use plastics on set to zero. We will be blogging our journey and finding ways of reducing our single use plastics. Anyone know 

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