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Festool Case Study

Festool Case Study

Efficiency starts with the right tools

Efficiency starts with the right tools


Festool promotional videos case study

The Brief
For this project, we were asked to create an attention-grabbing film for our client Festool, who sell tried-and-tested power tools through their extensive dealer network.

Our brief was straightforward: to demonstrate their products and captivate the audience from start to finish, leaving viewers with a sense of excitement about Festool’s tools and prompting them to share the video or find out more on our client’s website. Here’s how we did it.

Our Concept
To fulfil the client’s brief, our creative team put their heads together to come up with a clever and exciting concept for the video. We opted to use a mixture of music, voice over and to-camera voice to hold the audience’s attention, while using a range of shots – including wides, close ups, handheld and locked camera – for professional, cinematic results.

To stay ‘on brand’ with our client, we opted for plenty of clean, white space and well-lit yet natural shots, mixed with action shots, close ups and slow motion. By getting tight shots of the tools in action, we could really showcase how they worked, and how little dust is generated. Making full use of height and space with a jib and slider combo, we were able to capture some brilliant action-shots.

Camera angles are important for any video, but sound is often the difference between a ‘good’ and ‘great’ film. With this in mind, the team made sure they captured crisp sounds – including the little clicks, buzzes and swipes of the tools – to play alongside our carefully chosen music for a full cinematic experience. From the roar of the machines starting up to a hand wiping across a piece of wood, every sound should be audible in a great piece of film.

The Results
To build hype among Festool’s customer base, we created a series of three 15 second trailers to spark conversation and anticipation. Since our video for Festool was officially launched on YouTube and shared on social media channels – including Facebook and Twitter – the reaction from their online audience has been brilliant.

Festool has had glowing feedback about the video, including plenty of positive engagement through comments, shares and ‘likes’ on social media. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working with the client to measure ROI against key metrics, ensuring they make the most of the video in the short and long term.

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