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Chasing the Sun – 10 Years of Summer Isle

Chasing the Sun – 10 Years of Summer Isle


It’s hard to believe that in January 2008 I sat down with our accountant Jill to start the process of making Summer Isle official. It seemed daunting at the time, starting any business from scratch is a labour of love.

But going into business excited me and coupled with my passion for making films I knew I could make this work.

Over the years I have slowly put the ideas I had 10 years ago into place. It’s time consuming and at times pain staking, but why we would do this if we could just click our fingers and have everything done? There is no fun in that.

Investment has been carefully spent in every area of the business, but significantly in people. Talent is at the heart of Summer Isle and our industry. It’s the ownership that the team has taken over the years that has really warmed my heart and is a huge part of the success of the company. Without their drive, vision and passion it would be a much different story.

I have seen swift changes and developments in technology over the last decade which has increased our core market of business, better equipment, better results and new avenues of market streams, we have been able to offer something new to our clients while keeping up with the changing market.
But one thing that has not and will not change will be our creativity and how we apply this thinking combined with production value to continue to produce successful films. I am very proud of this USP.

We have also retained a huge number of clients, many are still working with us a decade on, it’s great to see their growth as well as our own and nice to think we have a small part to play in their success, they certainly have done in ours.

In October 2017 I took our DOP Laurence to visit where my vision first started. I believe sometimes you have to go back to move forward.

I am ready for the next decade, we will continue to push for success and raise the bar, we will innovate and continue to invest in our team and new talent.

We start 2018 with some exciting new plans and have several films we have been working on in 2017 coming out throughout the year.

Keep an eye on our social feeds, as we celebrate 10 years in business, we will be releasing various behind the scenes films and photos from the last decade.

Thank you to everyone who has had a part to play in our story so far, no matter how large or small I hope you can join us for the next 10 years.

Tom Newman

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