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Set off a chain reaction promoting you and your product

Like. Share. Retweet. Pin. Recommend. Tag. Forward link. If you want more of these, then it pays to make a well-shot demonstration video. At Summer Isle Films, we can give you a clear, entertaining and informative film to show your customers just how much they need your product.

Product demonstration videos are not just about showing your customers a visual ‘how to’ but they also set off a chain reaction of promotion which ultimately turns into more sales. The more people who see and share your video, the more purchases will be made. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) experts have proved that including a demonstration on your e-commerce product page, improves sales.

But it must be a good video to make people buy into it and want to be seen to associate with your product and then share it with friends, family or business.

If you make a good, clear, engaging film, then these people become your marketing tool by proxy.

It’s in our human nature to engage with something we can identify with; people love stories and a good demonstration video does just that – tells a story. Whether it’s about a product that will serve to make their lives a little bit easier, more fun or successful or perhaps about a service or aspiration such as booking a much-needed holiday via your app, if the story you give them shows just how your product works for them, they will connect with it. And, if they think it works for them, they will pass the message on.

Show your product in action, solving your customer’s problem and you’re on to a winner.

At Summer Isle Films, we understand branding and just how important it is that yours is seen and understood in a clear and entertaining way. We can help you to create a demonstration video to reinforce how your product is not only used, but also needed and desired.

Call us on 01473 738582 or get in touch via our contact page to find out more about how we can help you get your product demonstration video likeable, linked and shared.