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Whether it’s a live-stream broadcast, a pre-match trailer or post-game interview; at Summer Isle Films, we provide the full suite of services of filming, mixing and editing to give you the best coverage of your sporting event and an end-product you will be proud to show to consumers, everywhere.

Sporting events have come a long way since the time people would go and watch their local team play in the local area and talk about it in their close community. Now, sport has become a huge industry covering everything from curling to cricket and from local level to across the globe.

It is not only what happens on the field, court or in the pool that is followed either, but all the build-up, coverage and post event analysis too.

There are so many ways to view and access either live or recorded coverage of sporting events and, as with most things in this digital era, footage is shared on social media as well as broadcast across live and recorded television channels, radio and, well, pretty much any medium there is.

With such dedicated consuming of sport the promotion of it has become almost an art form. Rugby Union has been utterly transformed over the last twenty years from a game played ‘after work’ by people who have full-time regular jobs to a high-end professional sport. The recent promotional trailers titled ‘Wear The Rose, Make Them Giants’, using animation to show the competing teams called from their respective countries and striding and climbing as giants to come together for the ultimate showdown, was akin to a film trailer, building tension and drawing you in to want, almost need, to watch the competition.

The Olympics, Paralympics and Invictus Games have seen a huge surge in people viewing them, not only the actual sporting events, but also the pre, and post coverage, the opening ceremonies and all manner of affiliated programmes and interviews around them.

At Summer Isle Films, we can deliver anything and everything you need to make sure your event is covered fully and professionally. As well as live streaming, filming, mixing and editing; we can also provide a full suite of complementary services including (but not limited to) pre-game/event trailers, highlights programmes, interviews, film ready to use across social media channels and a finished product in a variety of formats. Whether you want to use a film of your event for future promotion, for analysis, to sell or just have for posterity; our use of multi-camera set ups to cover all angles and make sure nothing is missed from your event or game means you can get exactly what you want.

Our team has a wealth of experience in producing high-quality film covering sporting events and affiliated promotion and has worked with a range of clients, including SKY to provide exceptional films for a wide spectrum of broadcasts and use.

Contact us on 01473 738582 or get in touch via the contact page to find out how we can help you promote, broadcast and record your sporting event.