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One investment – many returns

At Summer Isle Films, we can help you to create a training film that will instruct, motivate, inform and inspire new and current employees.

Training is a crucial part for any business wanting to get the most out of new employees and colleagues. From the moment someone enters into employment, the best way to get them productive as quickly as possible, is to make sure they are fully incorporated into the business’ practices and ethos.
A well written and expertly produced training video can go beyond basic health and safety and staff orientation; it can help induct new employees into the corporate culture of your business.

However, training videos are not just useful for new staff but are a great way to provide ongoing development which is beneficial to the productivity and satisfaction of employees, employers and clients. A well-made video can also be used to inspire and motivate.

Using a professionally made training film is also a wise use of your budget and resource. The short-term investment in creating a high-quality video means you will not have to source, and pay for, someone to train each new employee or lead development sessions. A video can be used indefinitely and with no further cost than the original outlay.

In addition to being used within your company, instructional films can also be packaged and sold to other businesses or to individuals. Professionals are increasingly using video training to better enable them to do their jobs. Sellable content is becoming an added revenue stream for many businesses – so why not for yours too?

At Summer Isle Films, we have the expertise and experience to help you create a training film that makes a long-lasting beneficial impact to your business. Not only can we deliver expert filming, editing and packaging, but we can help write and storyboard your ideas.

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