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Video advertising and where best to use it

At Summer Isle Films, we can ensure that your advert is filmed and edited to the highest standard and delivered to your audience via the most effective broadcasting channels. We can take your concept and add the creative it needs to give you the best returns on your investment.

In this multi-media era, it pays to ask – does video advertising still work and will it increase profits and boost brand awareness? The answer, is yes, now more than ever. Whilst video isn’t the only option for advertisers, it is increasingly the most potent medium for companies, charities or any business, large or small, who want to make a big impact. Successful brands will make use of video content over a range of platforms to increase their reach but here, we want to look at television and on-line advertising.

Recent research has shown that companies who in invest in television advertising increase their promotional campaign effectiveness by around 40% and brands who continue to invest in this form of advertising can expect to see their market share increase by an average of 2.6% per year.

Consumers trust TV advertising, perhaps in part to the tight regulations it is held to. So, it is not only the extensive reach of TV advertising that makes it so attractive, but also the faith consumers will place in the messages you are broadcasting. There is evidence to suggest that consumers trust television adverts much more than they do on-line advertising; which is often felt to be inherently untrustworthy – this could be due to the perception that on-line advertising is unregulated.

Television advertising inspires aspiration, fame and often a zeitgeist or trend that people will buy into. You only need to look at a previously little-known price comparison site and see how it’s popularity has rocketed using an animated meerkat. Meerkats, of course, know nothing of car insurance, but with the creation of these characters and their stories, people have bought into the brand. Of course, a message doesn’t need to be bizarre to have a big impact, but this example is proof that a creative, sometimes unusual message delivery can give great returns.

Online adverts do have an important part to play in any advertising campaign, but it is television that still has the biggest impact for increasing brand awareness, getting a message across in a memorable fashion and ultimately, increasing profits. According to a recent Ofcom report, even young consumers get most of their advertising messages from television. For 16-24 year olds, television advertising accounts for 87% of their exposure to video advertising.
Television advertising increases the opportunity for the whole of your message to be consumed. Whereas Youtube adverts can be skipped and therefore not seen, research shows that a television advert has a much higher rate of being viewed for the whole of the message.

So, having chosen television advertising – where do you start?

Now that you have concluded that television advertising is a wise investment, we can help you take your message from concept to a highly effective finished piece. In addition, once your video has been filmed, edited and mastered, we can deliver your advert to the broadcasters. Over the years, we have built up a great network of media partners who will distribute your advert. Your commercial can be placed on many platforms including: TV, Out of Home, Print, Radio and on-line.

There are strict rules when it comes to television advertising and with our extensive experience in this field, we can make sure your advert is approved by the organisations that matter, making sure your message is clearly delivered to your audience.

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