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At summer Isle Films, we have the expertise to help your company create the very best visual content for social network sites including (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Video. Let us help you make film that is liked, shared and commented on – for all the right reasons.

Would you pay for a print advert if it wasn’t perfect? No, probably not. And yet many companies continue to publish visual media on social network sites that is of poor quality.

High quality video content for social networking sites is now more important than ever. For a business to accurately reflect its values and brand and to set it aside from non-professional posts, it is important that any film published is of a high production standard.

When a company uses social networking sites for marketing purposes it needs to be prepared for exposure to any audience anywhere. The nature of sharing and commenting on content, means that anyone seriously trying to build their brand, needs to make sure they are shared for the right reasons. You may receive notoriety for a film so bad it becomes a ‘must see’ but you will have lost all credibility. However, a good video that becomes shared multiple times, could be the next thing to go viral.

There are still people who see social marketing as a bit of a ‘checkbox’ exercise; an old-fashioned attitude now and one which could cause brand damage. For many, social networking sites are now their primary source for information, news and advice and are often the place a first impression is made.

Utilising social networks for video publishing is more than a ‘must have,’ it is an exciting opportunity to expose a brand to new audiences and in new ways. Potential customers react to social media messages in way that’s very different to traditional media. If you make a good impact with print advertising, you might make a sale. Making a strong impression with social video can inspire potential customers to become brand ambassadors. The public loves to share content online, so if your content is a cut above your competitors, you stand a chance of your target audience spreading your message for you.

At Summer Isle Films, we endeavour to keep ourselves ahead of the game and invest in being on the ‘cutting edge’ of technology. Our motivation is to be able to exploit new technologies and ideas for the benefits of our clients. When a company is dominant with social video it not only builds awareness of its brand but also sees a boost in its bottom line.

Every social network has unique opportunities and we know what is needed to get the most from each medium and format. For example, if you want to broadcast live on Facebook using multiple cameras and audio sources – we can do that. If you require real vertical video (and we mean real, not cropped standard format video) for Snapchat – we can do that too. Whatever you need to make your business stand out visually on social media – we can do it.

Call us on 01473 738582 or get in touch via our contact page to find out more about how we can help you to push your brand on social networks with great video content.