Editing services - Summer Isle Films


From filming to production of a final product or taking on post-production clean-up and editing from supplied content, at Summer Isle Films we give you amazing film and a professional, friendly service.

As part of the post-production process, off-line editing has become a way of working that film production companies can use to ensure the freedom to explore creative options whilst keeping the original, raw footage safe and untouched. This is a very effective practice and in the digital era in which we now live, it is much quicker than the previous time-consuming linear editing suites.

After film has been through the creative offline process, online editing can then take place for the final stage of the video production. It is at this stage that visual effects, colour correcting and the such takes place and, of course, making sure that the video complies with any broadcasting specifications that may be necessary.

At Summer Isle Films, we use Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic colour grading software as part of our editing toolbox. These professional applications allow us to supply high resolution video editing along with expert audio editing.

All our editing is done in-house which means that there is a fluent progression through the whole video process from filming, through editing to the end-product as the work is kept within our highly expert team. Keeping the process in once place also means our clients get a service that is not only efficient and producing high quality film, but is better value for them; not having to outsource to multiple companies.

We have worked with a range of clients: professionals, producers, agencies and individuals and we are happy to give each as much advice as they require, from our extensive knowledge and experience. Whether we are handling the whole process or have been asked to take on the post-production or audio-edit clean-up of supplied video, we can deliver film at a professionally high standard to any requirements specified.

To find out more about our editing process or the other services we can supply, call us on 01473 738582 or get in touch via our contact page…